The Intellectual Output „Listen to the Past: True Stories from the Second World War” gathers twenty-five of the most representative stories collected by the students in the five partner schools from survivors of World War II and its immediate period. The stories are the result of a project activity, which is the research carried out by students on World War II and its impact, consequences and moral implications, having as starting point the interviews with their grandparents or other elderly acquaintances from their family or community who took part directly in the events of this global conflagration or in the period that came immediately after it.

The aim of this research was to take into account intergenerational education and to gather and write some significant gripping life-stories about World War II and its consequences (colectivization, arrests, forced stalinization, the division of Germany and of Europe and so on.)

This Intellectual Output is translated into all the languages of the partner schools: English, Romanian, German, Turkish and Croatian.