Erich-Gutenberg-Berufskolleg, Bünde, is public school run by the county council of Herford (Kreis Herford), Germany. We have about 1500 students at the age of 16 years and up. Nearly half of them are full-time students attending our school at five days a week. They are offered diplomas on different levels up to the university entrance qualification (A-levels), always combined with a sound basic knowledge in the field of business administration.

The other students serve a 3-year apprenticeship (traineeship) with industrial or trade companies or other employers like doctors, dentists, tax advisors etc. As a part of their training and as a preparation for their final exam at the chamber of commerce those students attend our college for two days a week.

Germany flagAccording to our school profile, we are developing our work along three major guidelines:

Firstly, we are well-known for our new approach to classroom-management and changes in the organization of learning. So, we are developing our lessons according to different approaches of “self-organized-learning” (SOL) with the intention to support self-responsibility and self-organisational skills of the students.

The second branch of our development work is the health of our students and teachers. In the last four years, we won three awards for our activities in the field of health.

The third aim of our development work is the internationalisation of our school, we want to offer our students a variety of international and foreign language experience. Therefore we are offering internships in European countries supported by the EU to all our students, initiate student exchanges with our European partners and offer a large variety of additional language courses to our students. Of course, we are taking part in EU-project days initiated by the school ministry and integrate Europe-related contents into our syllabus.

Our students are either within the dual system and receive their theoretical college training beside their practical work in a company or they are in full-time school achieving a higher general educational qualification in combination with vocational basic knowledge. We provide classes for students with various levels of qualifications and our aim is to train them for the next higher degree in order to improve their chances on the labour market.