Galatasaray High School, Istanbul, Turkey, is a prestigious public high school with a long-standing history. Located on the main pedestrian street of Istanbul, the school has 722 students and 71 teaching staff. Known as the first French medium high school run by the state, Galatasaray High School was opened on the 1st of September, 1868. Galatasaray is accepted as the turning point in the Turkish educational system because it was the first state institution that led to Anatolian High Schools in Turkey. Incidentally, Galatasaray High School has trained many well-educated statesmen, politicians and diplomats for Turkey.

Turkey Tourism Geo TourismGalatasaray High School has taken part in various European and local projects to become familiar with others who have common or different perspectives and understanding. Hence, all the teachers and students have experience with projects in different fields. The students' clubs organize interactive meetings, seminars and workshops to widen the students' horizons about the related topics. We believe that taking part in social and historical projects will develop mutual understanding and the concept of peace among the students. Furthermore, they will gain an opportunity to learn more about people from different cultures and historical backgrounds and their different lifestyles.