The International School is a Specialist Business and Enterprise College, a Microsoft Academy and have the International School Award. We have an enrolment of 700 students aged 11-18. We are a multi-cultural, multi-faith school with a wide mix of ability levels; we are proud to have over twenty spoken languages at our school and amenities for the observance of all major world religions. We have dedicated teams of teaching and non-teaching staff to work with our children who have special educational needs; including those with weak literacy and numeracy but also those children who have arrived with English as their second or third language. Our pastoral care and support is rated as ‘outstanding’ by the school’s inspectorate to recognise the service we provide for our young people.

England vs the United KingdomOur vision is to develop our school into an exciting and caring learning community, where all students and staff work together to discover and develop their talents and skills and where the learners of today become the leaders of tomorrow. Part of this vision includes developing strong global links around the world. We are twinned with secondary schools in Turkey, Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic and China. To realise this vision, our school has just been fully refurbished throughout based on the latest pedagogy (with subject learning clusters) and with the latest technologies to ensure teachers can prepare and equip our 21st century learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve.

The International School is a coeducational comprehensive school. The school draws its pupils from two distinct cohorts: local white working class families some of which are known to hold extremist, right wing views and recently arrived migrant families, including Pakistani, Afghan, Somali, and Yemeni families. Pupils speak 42 different home languages other than English.

We have a large range of ICT facilities to support our growing global partnerships including the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment and ePals. We are also registered on eTwinning and eLanguages to support our teaching and learning.

The Teaching and Support Staff are committed to providing a supportive, stimulating and challenging environment where all students are encouraged to fulfil their potential. By being engaged in a European wide programme we aim to offer significant numbers of students either directly or indirectly an opportunity of interaction with other Europeans. This will be an opportunity that many would be unlikely to experience. The benefits this could bring are enormous – many students will be able to share in the ideal of European Citizenship and hopefully engage in a more positive dialogue across communities and nations, that will contribute to lifelong learning.

The school has a track record of delivering successful Comenius projects in the past and is very experienced in collaborating with other educational institutions.