Gimnazija “Jurja Barakovića”, Zadar, Croatia is a modern high school that gives the excellent potential to their students (traditionally among the highest scoring threshold Zadar secondary schools), and continues its efforts to modernize teaching methods, particularly in the teacher school to the students. The school is proud on extra-curricular activities, accomplishments in sports competitions, quality choir and in the yearly exhibition Gaudeamus where primary and secondary school students display their art work.

vukovar hrvatska zastava 016b322ee6773a6580ed924ad6aa8275 view article newOur school is trying to converge on some basic principles that can be considered educational guide or a "good spirit" of the school. In its shortest version of these principles, it can be reduced to the continuous assessment of the quality of work, commitment to personal power never used in relation to students, consistently and daily preparation for teaching, developing collaborative relationships with students, understanding textbook as aids in the operation, a predetermined criteria and purpose of work, preparing students for life with others who are different from them and keep positive energy in learning.

Gimnazija “Jurja Barakovića” is a school with tradition in implementation of events in the field of history, information technology and foreign languages as well as in other fields. One important aim of our institution is preparing students for competition on a state level. We have great achievements in competition first of all because of excellent teachers whom we are proud to have in our school.