Liceul Tehnologic Economic „Virgil Madgearu” Iaşi, Romania is an educational institution that provides high level training, balanced development of students’ personality, intellectual and professional skills for labour market integration, ability to successfully pursue higher education forms and exercise of business initiative. Our school has as main purpose to ensure intellectual and professional skills for labour market integration. This is the first step in providing the ability to successfully pursue higher educational forms. We support career development and we do this without hesitation. We strive not only to help the students follow their professional path, but also to make sure they do this as dignified and socially integrated individuals.

romaniaLiceul Tehnologic Economic „Virgil Madgearu” has a technological profile, preparing students for fields such as tourism, public alimentation, accounting, commerce, food industry. Our school has an enrolment of about 1250 students, attending classes 6 through 12. We have a rich experience in LLP programme, having participated in Comenius partnerships and Leonardo da Vinci projects, and in a Phare 2003 project. In the framework of the Erasmus+ programme we have coordinated 3 projects under Key Action 1 – Mobility of Individuals and 1 Strategic Partnership for School Education, under Key Action 2.

Our students come from different social and ethnic backgrounds. A great number of them have a high risk of social exclusion, which is confirmed by the high number of social security and governmental scholarships given to families with low incomes. We also have Gypsy pupils and students from the Republic of Moldova. These figures justify the school’s effort of finding the most suitable solutions by developing an inclusive type of educational system. In addition, we have some special classes for students with moderate SEN, who learn together with normally developed students, in order to naturally integrate and avoid discrimination and isolation. All these risks may gradually lead towards a low level of motivation for learning and it is our goal to try to stimulate this process and increase it to improve quality in education. Moreover, the 12th grade students aim at graduating the baccalaureate consisting of exams at different subjects, among which a foreign language, mainly English.

The participation in European projects is a strategic goal in our school development plan, since the students have the opportunity to improve their English language competence, they have the chance to use English as a tool for real communication and to play an active role in the proposed activities.